She knows nothing else to write, She keeps reading what she wrote, cherishing those long lost moments, those beautiful dreams that she fabricated for hours and inked, shattered in moments. Her soul crushes inside, while she reads line by line, with blurry eyes.


As long as you are breathing you are never too late you are never too weak to live the life you want, to look for what you want, to achieve the best.


I never thought that life would separate you from me. I always had this vision of you and I for eternity. I imagined a million days with you, but I completely forgot to realize how painful it would feel a second without you. Perhaps it’s part of this journey of ours. To cross paths and…


  There is nothing beautiful about heartbreaks or nothing poetic when you watch them walk away, but we still write. There’s only an over whelming sadness from heartaches as people leave you, letting you deal alone with the mess they left. They played their part in your life, waited for you till they realized this…


Trying to find my way with words, Stuck in a phase with emptiness and loneliness engulfing everything around me. Mess of thoughts rushing through my mind, Gush of feelings infusing through my heart. Just making me go numb and speechless.


  It’s an addiction, being so in love with you presence and your silence. Yet, in this silence, I’m losing myself in the thoughts of you. I’m lost no where, and I can only hear your voice fading away.


What do we really know? We search for answers in souls we never knew, We seek peace in ┬áplaces we never been to. Are we just pathetic humans or simply wandering beings? Our hearts are indeed wild, chasing the best and the worst. We fall for the best, yet we desire the worst. And our…


And yet amidst all the silence in the dark long nights, I see him again, dreams. Something is different. He’s closer this time. Yes, that is it, the difference. After all this time, why close now? Day by day, feels more real. It’s all timing isn’t it?