She longs to be heard, yet they will all judge her. She wants to stop for once, yet they all taught ‘never give up’. She wills to be stronger each day, yet she fails mercilessly. So there she goes, stumbling through days with fake smiles and nights, with tears. She’s blending in, and oh isn’t…


Maybe oneday she’ll finally let it out, maybe then she’ll speak of everything that hurt her, maybe all those tears did have meaning for her, no matter how simple it was, but maybe that day will be too late.


I see the smiles on their faces, the laughters that fill up the space, I feel myself following their rhythm, blending in, my new style of life. And then there’s him, smiling, lost in his own thoughts of her.


She lived an outgoing life, in her own style, she hardly gave any regard to what they say, atleast she thought so. But hurt by words and actions of those close, she’s silent, her daring attitude hidden. At the most needed moments, she finds no words, she’s empty. She’s still a stranger to herself.

Silver lining

From sweet smiles to bitter tears we’ve shared each day, apart and together. I only pray we had more of moments to sit in the silence wishing for time to slow down. Feeling no stress, just the peace of mind knowing that right now we have something beyond good, something I’ve never knew could exist….


There’s an art of shutting off the whole world, and sinking in your own infinite mind experiencing all that matters in your life, the love, happiness, hurt, sorrow. A thousand emotions, that rips you apart. And oh boy, aren’t I the master of that art?


All along her life, she’s been saving it all, not a single glance of hers could be stolen by all those who fancied her. Yet, her guards came crumbling down, at the warmth of a soul, so beautiful and deep. She gifted all that she saved, piece by piece to this stranger whom she couldn’t…


Helpless. Utterly helpless.. At highs and lows we’ll be, we said. Yet you see me trying, baby? Words or silence, you need? I’m still beside you, as I promised. I’ll bear my needs with tears. Yet..among the lows, is it too much to ask, To hear you call me baby? To feel just a…