Life is a long journey. The people we met, situations we encountered, every failure and achievement that came upon us has made us who we are today. Looking back on life I realized that I have gone through numerous number of variations in my personality and attitudes. For most of the time I’ve tried understanding each and every person that I let in; because I was preoccupied with the idea that if I understood people they would be more comfortable and be perfectly fine to be themselves around me.

With time and experience I realized trying to understand people is not the best solution for anything because of several reasons. Prominently, because not every person understands from my level of perception; and not everyone tends to apprehend my views. Eventually it all ends up on a misunderstanding and leaving distress. Also not everyone seems to think of their actions or words in deeper evaluation, and understanding such individuals is more or less too difficult.

With all the situations in life finally it dawned to me that all this time I have taken the wrong path to handle the society and their views, and made me realize that not every person needs to be understood. The ones that need to be understood are the ones who will stay in life long enough to make us realize their worth. And by then, going through life with them for so long has made us acknowledge them for the best level.

It is easier to live with the society when we understand each other but I realized that than understanding sometimes if we handle situations with individuals lightly and softly life would be more simple. And always simplicity is the most beautiful form of sophistication.



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