For any kind of a relationship I believe the foundation is trust. Whether its friendship or beyond, Trust between two individuals is the most important factor that determines the extremes and boundries of the relationship. Unfortunately this very precious trust is what the world is lacking now.

Fakeness has empowered and it has become the trend in lifestyles now.
People tend to fake many things and ultimately they themselves start believing them and live in their own made up fake worlds. Today, even if its fake, people show more likeliness to expose themselves to the world and show the world what they want others too see, but not what they truly are. Sadly, most often even they themselves might be already engulfed by the fakeness of the others in the society and eventually they see no issue in others or themselves.

People have different aspects in life. Certain people use words meaning what they say and such people usually tend to doubt words uttered by others. Whereas certain other people don’t give meaning to the words they say and don’t bother about others too. And the most awkward situations can arise when two individuals with such different attitudes converse, as one person doubts while the other doesn’t mean what is said.

There are far more different attitudes in individuals apart from the two I’ve mentioned and however the world is no easy place to survive as every person we meet is a new challenge to life. And from all the situations I’ve gone through on life, if there’s anything that I realized about trust is always trust yourself. Actually I wont totally agree saying not to trust anyone because we must have atleast a slight faith in people but its upto you to decide your limits in trust.



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