Living itself is an addiction. Well maybe the word sounds bit too harsh, but I’m not referring to any addiction like for drugs. But if you just analyze life, you’ll realize we all are addicted to our lifestyles.

Well let me make this more clear. Each one of us has gone through different changes in life due to various reasons. And maybe the outcomes of them are good /bad, but still sometimes we resist to change, because we were accustomed to our lives in a particular way. And even though we don’t see it, we were actually addicted to that life and most often that’s why a change is difficult.

Sometimes when people walk away or if we let go, the pain is actually because of the memories and moments spent with them. Spending time with them was part of our life then, and we were addicted to that life. (We would rather like to say ‘used to’ than ‘addicted’, but actually its more than just being ‘used to’..well, that’s my view.)

Anyway haven’t you realized that when somethings change in our lives, along with time the memories get slowly buried and we again move on with lives..actually then we become addicted to a new life. It might take days, months or years depending on the situation, but still we usually move on.

I wouldn’t say this addiction is bad, because this is what living is. I just wanted to make a point that, when we face different changes in life, its finally all a matter of how strong we are to get over with it and become adjusted to a new chapter in life. ‘Cause if we keep on holding on, then the addiction gets too high and takes over! Then we fail in life..see that’s what being addicted does!



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