Well the world is getting smaller and smaller with developing technology. And actually we all tend to socialize in someway or the other through media ~ social websites ~ or hanging out with our mates. Well yes, to live in this world we all must learn to blend and interact with others ’cause the way you act and speak gives the society an impression of who you are.

So we all are preoccupied with the thoughts of our social issues and we keep on stressing ourselves about them. Eventually most of our life has been spent on developing our lifestyles and sustaining our social lives. But we actually don’t spend time thinking and reviewing our lives. Developing our lives and finding ourselves are two different things.

It was recently that even I realized the worth of being in solitary. I used to bother too much about my social life, ’cause I thought getting along with the society was too important. Eventually it dawned to me that giving priority to time spent thinking and reflecting over my life actually aid in facing the society with more confidence.

Being a loner for sometime gives you the power to understand you more than you ever did and know what you deserve and what you fight for. Its only when you know your own spirit perfectly that you can reach your dreams. Some think a person becomes a loner when one had failed to blend with the society; but I don’t think that’s always true..

Anyway, than trying to appease the world always be sure to yourself that you are truly contented with your actions and words. Then the world will see you for who you are. Maybe not everyone will appreciate you but the ones who do, will deserve you. So reflect on yourself and sometimes be a loner..that’s an undefinable revelation.



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