Every single one of us dream of what we want to achieve in our lives. And the faith on our dreams is what drives us towards our goals. Any one can dream but only the one who fights through struggles and hold on to faith, will succeed.

Dreams of…career, achievements, love…we all have imaginations of them, don’t we? Well, I guess above all, the dream of finding for THE ONE is just amazing. Because among millions of people, recognizing even the dustiest corners of another soul and being consumed by their presence, is an undefinable feeling.

Well, actually once we recognize the vibes and see the inner self of a person, we develop a mutual trust. And if the trust between two individuals is strong enough, it will remain forever even if they drift apart with time. I believe that’s all because of the faith we keep on another person when we trust them.

People can drift apart due to numerous reasons, explained or unexplained, but that sense of trust and intimacy will only be buried but never lost, because sometimes we keep faith on things when we don’t understand. I guess rather than trying to understand where we stand in life and rather than finding explanations always, it’s better to keep faith on certain situations in life and move on.

Maybe things will fall into place later, so by then you would have achieved other things too in life as you moved forward with that faith. And maybe if they don’t, then at least you have moved on with life leaving the worries of the past.

Perceive your fears and master them with faith!







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  1. AdiC says:

    I completely agree with you. Faith is about walking even if you can’t see what lies ahead. Because you have the faith that everything will be fine!

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