We all have our own little world within ourselves that we create by our dreams and desires. Well, I’ll write this from my view only. So yes, I do have my desires and I haven’t spoken out aloud about every one of them. I prefer to keep some of my deepest passions to myself. It feels much better knowing there’s not a single person who knows everything about me.

I find it difficult to open up to people maybe because I fear to trust people. So I always keep my guards up, resisting to let in people. Maybe it’s not the best solution, ’cause I see the issue;

The problem with constantly having your guard up is that you instinctively fight life thinking its about to attack you when in actuality it is only reaching out to embrace you.

But I still believe in my instincts ’cause I haven’t regretted my actions. Anyway, have you ever faced a situation where even though you are eager to open up your soul to someone, you still feel it’s just not the perfect time? Well, maybe it’s just an issue, because I don’t expose my inner self to others. When the perfect time comes I’ll let the outer world embrace my world.

Some might say I’m shutting myself from the world as I am too afraid to let out my emotions. Also some might say rather than waiting for a perfect moment, we must dare to take the moment and make it perfect. But here is what I believe; we need not rush anything if we want them to last forever. Also I won’t call that waiting, ’cause actually until the time dawns I’ll be doing my best to build myself and be contented with my own company.

Don’t misjudge my thoughts. Even if I won’t open up my desires, I won’t hide the truth. I believe if anyone can recognize the soul of another through vibes, then actions speak louder than words.

However, I guess, actually it takes a lot of courage to raise our guards and live with them, in a world where the temptation to see the things beyond our walls is too high for a young heart!


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  1. Wow, this has really made me think! I have realised that I was not a closed off person, it was just the fact I was friends with people who didn’t care (just to clarify, that’s not at all what I’m saying about you!) 🙂 As soon as I made new friends, I knew they were the ones I could tell and trust with everything. And you are right – sometimes the timing IS just wrong…

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