Some of them don’t actually care, they are only just curious. Don’t you think it’s true? It’s always those so-called ‘friends’. We surround ourselves with a bunch of people who, we think, will stay close with us in our every downfall. But the reality is bitter; when you realize that only very few of them actually care.

Well, I used to be a person who cared a lot about my dearest friends. I used to think they will always be close to me and I could share even my worst times with them. But as always the revelation comes down in the hardest path. Either it was a misunderstanding, drifting apart or a mistake..some how most of them are no longer with me.

I used to think back of the good times, smile and then tear my eyes out, seeing what I’ve lost. That’s when the depressing truth dawned to me in small bits and pieces. I started blaming myself for letting other people who are no longer in my life, ruin what I have in life. Finally I understood we can never expect our friends to care/treat us the same way we do, because we all are different!

We may not end up with the same friends throughout life. We should live along knowing someday some friends will drift apart and it’s just the nature of life. Always it hurts less when you don’t expect anything too much from anyone, even friendship!

See, if your friendship with another, doesn’t seem important to them as it is to you, then they are not worth it. So, I changed my ways; I care about the friends who are with me now but still I know in a few years even they might walk out….and luckily now I have a stronger belief in myself even to stand alone!

Its better to save my caring for people who would mean the world to me. So when I do care for them, I’ll care way too hard; they’ll be worth it.





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