Dare to deal your demons

Once you realize your past is just a story it has no power over you.

Victories, failures, fears, love, happiness, depression…all of it just comes rushing to me when I just take a slight glimpse of my past. And then I’m caught up in my mind with all sorts of memories. Mostly I would focus more on my mistakes, failures…and then the worry begins.

Well, you too might have spent hours thinking about your past because when you get engulfed by the those thoughts, basically the failures, its hard to find a way out. I have experienced it myself, until I realized that dwelling on the past will bring me nothing.

Well, I’m not saying that I never feel a rush of sorrow when I think back about some memories now, but what I’m trying to say is that I don’t feel weak about those now.

We should analyze where we went wrong but not regret it.Well, maybe sometimes the demons of your past haunts you way too much than you can bear. Then I guess the best remedy is to spend some time focusing on your faults and be strong enough to accept them. After all, challenge yourself to face life along with those lessons, and leave the worries behind.

I actually don’t regret my past now, I’m who I’m today, because of what I’ve been through. I regret the time that I gave to some useless people in my life, but then I realized that other people’s opinions won’t define me. If we lose ourselves, we lose everything!

So, here I am, perfectly fine about my flaws and still whispering my gratitude for my past!



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  1. Camelia says:

    “If we loose ourselves, we loose everything” – that’s the most important thing in life, I learned it the hard way. I love your article because it’s so real and it’s about growing and learning, great work 😉

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  2. wandergirl says:

    in my case.. Still in the process of learning the lessons of my past. 😀

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    1. ManuDS says:

      Learning never ends..always the situations in present adds up to past 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. wandergirl says:

        yeah indeed. 😀

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