Sweet Single!

Youth is awesome. Experiencing all sorts of crazy awkward moments and being super weird with your friends. Anyway among all. being single has being super fun all the long, for me. ‘Cause, being single doesn’t always mean that you are finding for that One, actually I’m happy on my own!
Being still in my teens, I never worried about my single life. Love isn’t one of my greatest topics yet, but I do dream about desires. Anyway, I just think maybe I‘d rather spend this little time of my life on loving myself and maybe explore inner personalities of people and hang along being friends.
Well, later on I can focus on something beyond, but right now I think being single is the best decision, ‘cause there’s a lot more I need to develop within myself to face the future independently. I know I may have looked above some of them, it’s not that I didn’t notice but I chose to stick to my principles. Maybe you would say that I’ve got a heart of stone!                                                                                                                                                              tumblr_ndwdlln8A61qgujfno1_400











Anyway, I’m fine with being this way and if anyone out there is going to be the one who fits in perfectly then I guess the One will understand my views, even if we meet before time. Finally, all that will be worth it.



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