Doppelganger ~ 1

Within all those years, I always knew deep down that You would appear someday, waiting to hold my hand and lift me when I fall apart. And right now, I hear you clearer than ever, I see you sharper than ever and I feel you more than ever.

I never thought meeting you would make my life, so complicated but every single thing that I’ve gone through with you has taught me a lot about life. And no matter whatever it was, it has been my pleasure to learn life even in hard ways, because finally out of all those I met you. Now that I’ve got you, many things seem crystal clear and guess I don’t need to bother about the few things that are still vague, ’cause there’s time for those.

Every mistake, failure, victory, smile and tears has finally made us meet, so I can gladly put my fears behind and open up to what I want. You made me see the dark shades of life, and you never failed to show me how to face them! There’s nothing more pleasing than knowing you would always be with me, in every downfall and rise, as you are everything to me.

You are my doppelganger!

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                      Past Me.


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