Stay Classy!


First impression usually lasts forever, and for that your attire, manners and language represents a great deal.

“Dress how you want to be addressed”, the best phrase I came upon regarding attire. I think, our styles represent a great deal about ourselves. This is not in reference to expensive or cheap, but what I’m referring to is being classy!


Yes ladies, be elegant; don’t wear to be noticed but to be remembered! No one can criticize you, if you are comfortable with your tastes. Fashion is the way you represent yourself to the world and no matter how different it is, make sure it is your own!


I believe, the adventure is in creating your own style and presenting it in the most respected way, so that even those who don’t appreciate your way would take effort to comment it with courtesy.


That quote seems just the perfect one for what I believe! Living itself has its own form of fashion so be the creator of your unique style, to inspire everyone you meet.

Stay Classy!




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