Dream lover

Love to dream OR Dream of Love?

Its both for her. She loves to dream of the impossibilities and vows to make them possible.

Little girls with dreams become women with vision.

She desires to have her own vision. The beauty in dreaming is believing them, when none thinks you can. The wonder in dreaming is achieving them, passing the hardest situations.

She keeps those few but most beautiful dreams to herself. And those dreams (though just a few), keeps her going when life threatens to be at its worst. Regardless of the numerous times when life has knocked her down hard, it was those dreams that held her together. She owe them.


She dreams of love. Those unspoken dreams that constantly remain in her mind, takes up most of her sole thinking and that’s been the greatest pleasure. It surprises her, how just those dreams can carry her beyond boundries….and she wonders about the paradise, when dreams become a reality!




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