Inner voice..

I usually try helping out my friends when they deal with any problem where i can aid with some support. I may/may not understand the situation perfectly, but I would always remind them to be strong and to care less about what others say. It has always been my pleasure to soothe anyone and give them even the slightest relief, that I can.

But anyway, I understood no matter how much I think and talk about being strong, sometimes I end up just the opposite. I fail to heed my own advice. It makes me even more depressing and sometimes (no matter how much my friends thank me for helping) I doubt about my advices. Was I just trying to make them strong enough to face life? Anyway, I guess that doesn’t matter now.

However, sometimes I did wish that I could live up to my own advising. Well, I act/speak,  according to my own thinking always, but sometimes when things go wrong I have failed to take my advice.

And if I did something that even I don’t appreciate, then I would hate myself for being stupid and I would worry about what I’ve done, stress about what others think….well, rarely that happens.

I do thank myself for being strong during those many times that life has been hard on me. Anyway, I realised that sometimes somethings can make you weak, that’s just how life is. Also I realised those need to be worried about, so  we know where we stand!

P.S.  When I feel weak there’s always a dilemma between me and my inner voice..and usually its my inner voice that speaks with logic and reasoning, whereas I speak with feeling. And the question is whether I need logic or sensitivity?






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