I am a direct person. I voice out my views about anything and also humble enough to listen and respect anyone’s views too. I love open vibes.

Even though I’m direct, I’ve always had a difficulty in opening up about my feelings. And even to the few people that I let in, I just fear to open up totally.

I used to like that feeling that nobody understands me perfectly, so it was like I am having my own mystery. Then no one out there knows me perfectly so none of them would see myself. But now, sometimes, I wish someone who would just support me at my worst, understands what I’m thinking just by my words or expressions. Its not exactly love, but maybe that is the basis of a sincere relationship.

I know, to have that depth of understanding with another, I must take a chance, allow my vulnerability to take its place, and have more faith/trust. But I admit, I’m just afraid to do that. Wishing my path would be clearer..



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