Help them.

Poverty is everywhere in the world. It has no voice because it has taken away the voices of millions of people. And the rich, with its high voice, choose not to speak of it.

I’m not going to talk about it in major details, ’cause to be honest,I don’t do big time helping the poor, but I try my best to do when I can. And I live with the hope of helping them even more when I earn on my own one day. Also I actually don’t like calling a category as ‘poor’, but unluckily I couldn’t find a better word. Personally, I don’t say I’m rich or better, ’cause we all lack something, but I love to share what I have.

Actually I thought of writing about this because of a simple incident which I sometimes face. In our country, sometimes such people get on public transport to collect money for a sickness they or a family member has. And I usually try to give some money when I have.

There is always a doubt whether that person is lying about the whole disease issue, ’cause in the present society people even beg as a business. And maybe because of that doubt some able-people ignore them. But what I actually think is, as a student and with my tight schedule I hardly get a chance to go out to the city and help them; so I maybe in that bus I gave the money to a some bad chap, but my conscience is clear. At the end of the day, I’ve done a merit and I’m happy.

Once such a person gets on to the bus I won’t go on looking at his outfit and matching the details; I just give some money and that’s it. We should help anyone whenever we can, ’cause maybe we are actually saving a life or just adding money to a liar; but what remains with us is the merit.


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