Passion for writing.

I never knew I could ever open myself to the outer world in the way I do now. You, my reader, is probably a stranger to me but right now it feels great to voice out to you through my words.

All this time before starting to write I was struggling to open up, which I failed and simply I couldn’t even open up to my the people I trust. Its not everything but I kept some those deep emotions (which are deserved to spoken about) to myself.

However, it wasn’t only just the writing but also reading other’s posts helped immensely. Discovering there are other people who feels life just like the way I do, was a relief. Sometimes, it actually scare me how my life can get related to the wordings of a post of person I have never known.

Eventually I started writing~blogging~, and at the beginning it felt weird to write about what I feel, so my first few posts might have seemed a bit edgy. But now, letting out my sights and emotions by writing seems to be my escape from my enclosed world. Anyway, with time, as my visions got sharper, my writing became more clearer and now I’m glad to let it out.

I’m genuinely happy I started writing, its my ultimate passion, thinking out loud and voicing my inner vibe. It’s through my writing, I found it easier to speak my mind to others. And now I’m grateful for that, ’cause I have improved my scope to levels where I can finally open out myself clearly to those who are trusted; beyond  my writings.

You, my reader, is no longer a stranger, you are my friend.



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