Face it fearlessly..

Nothing lasts forever. Change is inevitable.

Humans yearn for something static, and that’s what leads to utter disappointment. Because there’s nothing static. If anyone ever vows to remain same in attitudes or behaviour, that’s simply crap! We all are bound to change. Without change there’s no life.

Change is merely the survival of humans.

Every milestone, every turning point in the journey of life, directs our lives to a new path. On the outlook you might not realize what has changed, but if you look back on life you’ll see it crystal clear!

People change; feelings change; memories fade; but we must be strong enough to hold on to what keeps us moving on. If what kept us going yesterday is no longer there today, then strive to look for something else. There’s is always something to hold on to, you just have to find it.

One who believes in one’s efforts, will always find his way!

Never fear to change. Accept your challenges boldly and always look forward in life. If you see a dead end in what you are doing, you are never too late to find a new way. When life challenges you to give up / hold on, take your chances for what your mind says, but whatever you choose do it with your heart!

Giving up doesn’t always mean you were not strong enough to hold on. And holding on doesn’t always mean you are not strong enough to face a change. It’s contradicting! Anyway, what matters is being strong!

Life’s always a mystery, be daring enough to explore it and make your life unique.







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