It isn’t simple..

Well, to begin, this post isn’t to discriminate anything, but this is simply a view of mine. I don’t understand whether I’m rebellious or smart; but I’m sure I’m not narrow minded, even though I view in this aspect.

The society is a blend of culture and everything we see in our society is always linked with our culture. As a young girl, with a wide view, I’ve always felt there’s something lacking in our society and now I realize that’s because of few differences in the culture.

I do respect the Sri Lankan culture. It has its own unique taste and classic outlook; along with the traditions, which is the essence of our culture. Anyway the society is fed with the beliefs related with culture, and every action a individual does is always measured from level of culture. That is the usual way.

The issue is sometimes with the trending technologies and when the youth is trying to blend it with our culture, then a social crisis rises. On my unbiased view, I believe its not the youth nor the culture that’s responsible. It’s the people that matters! What people see, what they think and what they believe matters….

Of course culture dominates all our believes. But is there anything wrong in adapting our beliefs? My suggestion is, we should protect our traditions and culture, but to move with a world where some countries are decades ahead of us, it’s time to adapt. And as the first generation to use ‘smart’ technologies, the youth has already adapted, but the society is still trying to criticize the youth.

I’m hoping to present my views regarding this more.



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