It’s great you tried!

We human beings yearn for appreciation, wherever we go and whatever we do. It’s true we work for ourselves and to make us happy. But don’t we seek attention or admiration?

In family, in love, in work, wherever you name, usually we are halted by ones who appreciate us. In love, we pray for our success to see his smile on our achievement. In family, we work hard to see our parents proud of us. In work, we compete to get the nod of approval from our boss….

As a young girl I always prefer to be on my own and do my best in whatever I do. However often I don’t give a damn of other people’s opinions but I always welcome any compliment or appreciation. Sometimes those have been my motivation.

I am a person who loves to be comfortable in my own skin, so I usually prefer to choose my fashions to suit my ways. I dress to look good for me not for anyone else. Anyway a “You look gorgeous” or a “Wow, she’s stunning”..always gives me a slight happiness!

Always learn to appreciate the work of anyone else, you may never know how much it means to another. There are people out there who love to be appreciated, so spending few of your words for a compliment wouldn’t cost you much.

You may never know how much time/effort another has put on a certain
piece of work, so always learn to use your words kindly to motivate another.



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  1. The last line. Completely agree.

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