Change for the good..

When I read what I’ve written last year, I realized how my attitudes have changed within the course of time. This actually made me slow my pace and I barely wrote any posts last few weeks.

Majority of the stuff I’ve written(about life) last year seems to have faded or rather changed..realizing this made me question: Why write and keep memories of somerthing that’s bound to change? Why write, if it only relieves the present but gives regret in future? Eventually, the answers dawned: I write my thoughts, feelings, attitudes and worries either to lessen my stress or to make others see what I see in this world. But change is inevitable, and time shows us the true outcome of all.

Sometimes, now when I read them I see myself as a stupid, reckless girl who seemed to take life too serious, while it was simplicity that I loved. Anyway, maybe somethings have changed and what I wrote in the past may not be applicable anymore, but I accept that’s my past and that has nothing to do with my present or future.

My past reminds me of who I was, my present shows me what I am, and my future is yet to be determined. And eventhough its my own past, present and future, I won’t be the same (it’s obvious). We make mistakes, we fail, we learn, we grow!

Accept yourself, then other’s opinions won’t bother anymore.



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