Explain with limits!

Never explain your self to anyone, no matter who it is. Because your friends don’t need explanations and your foes don’t deserve either. The moment you realize you have to explain everything to anyone, is the moment when you know where you stand.
Just because people ask for explanations, never sell yourself short to give what they want. Be smart enough to know the limits and do explain what’s necessary when it’s required.
Usually, people ask for explanations, not because they actually care, but they are so damn curious of what’s going on with others’ lives. So, be sure of what you let out and to whom you open up and let the crowd wonder while you hustle!
Furthermore, never bother asking others to explain themselves or their actions; maybe if you know them well, explanations are not needed. If they don’t bother about what you understand, then they won’t bother to explain; so realize where you stand in other’s lives.

Those who mind won’t matter; and those who matter won’t mind.



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  1. itsathought2 says:

    Well… Yes and No.

    People make assumptions when you don’t explain. And sometimes those assumptions are both wrong and work against you. So, sometimes an explanation is worth the effort.

    Also, explanation to a real friend can bring you closer. Sometimes not, but if they are a real friend it will.

    But I agree – explanations are not ALWAYS necessary. Too many times people think they need to explain their choices when they don’t. I don’t need to tell the hairstylist why I’m cancelling the appointment. I don’t need to give a reason for not wearing a christmas sweater at the party, etc.

    And I don’t need to explain my mental health issues to my coworkers. They are curious and I don’t have the mental health to deal with them. That choice on my part may or may not work in my favor. I’m inclined to think it does not work in my favor. But I’m still not talking.

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    1. ManuDS says:

      Well yes, there are two sides so sometimes explanations might be necessary as you said. Before I used to think explanations can make things smooth between friends but not always, ’cause even some friends are also just only curious. However as you said, explanations to a true friend is worth it.

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