When everything ends…

Sometimes I can’t help but think this life we live is merely a illusion. We are just some self-surviving creatures, who are basically trying to make up our lives just to show the world! After all, we all leave everything we once owned and bid farewell to the beloved and leave this light for once and for all.

Maybe we don’t even get the chance to say farewell to those who we loved forever. Maybe we didn’t even accomplish everything we dreamed, but still once your time ends, nothing stays any longer.

There’s no use fighting for life if this doesn’t even belong to us. But still, what we all do is fighting! It’s no longer a choice but a must. Honestly, I have no solutions, but these thoughts make me nervous. We live. We fight. We die! It’s merely like a stage drama. We enter, play our roles and leave.

It’s all because of the bonds, we mourn for them, when they leave us. But, we always fail to realize that the souls have already left. They won’t hear our mourns now. We weep over the past, the attachments, memories. Finally it’s all just gone.



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