Ever wanted to go back?

In life we always move forward and there’s no going back. But I’m sure we all come across times that we think of past and wish it had been different. Well, yes even I’ve thought so; but if given a chance to go to the past and change it, I wouldn’t take it. No matter how stupid, reckless I might have acted or talked, I learnt from those; and only because of those situations I stand where I am now.

Going back in life or regretting the past will do no good to anyone. The best you can do to yourself is learn and understand that you get only one life to live and your only goal should be to make it inspiring.

Of course there are tons of times when I wish I did act smarter but I would never even think of going back. Your life is yours and if you are strong enough to accept your own flaws without flinching, then I believe you’ve done yourself the best! Living your life is not showing the world what you are capable of, it is learning from your actions and loving how you live.



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