Piece of my thoughts ~ 1

Dear readers,
It’s been quite a long time since I wrote about my life, and I guess now it’s time for that.I’m in a dilemma of thoughts mainly regarding few attitudes.
Relationships – Hell, what do I know? As a girl still content with being single, I never harboured on the thought of working on a relationship now. I most certainly know ‘love’ is ecstatic, though I never have entertained it. But is it so weird to be happy as single, till the time comes?
Covert girl – Of course, this has always been my way and my pleasure. There’s something exquisitely thrilling about being more private. In the meantime, I wonder will I ever give it out to someone easily? Even that thought, ends with the answer ‘No’.
Simply I don’t know how; however I’ve realized that when we converse with trusted, open people, it’s much easier to speak my mind, than with private people.
We, covert individuals, engage in a constant feud with ourselves that we are unaware of. Yet, in a world of total transparency the only freedom lies in not being seen.
Well, that’s just part of me 😊


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