Human beings

We, human beings, are divergent. Sometimes even we don’t understand our actions or even recognize ourselves. We, who collide with the society , face different incidents everyday, that might have no impact on us at all or might change who we are forever. We, think we know who we are, but at the end of the day, it’s only our actions that define us.

Think about the people you meet in you lives, how you associate different individuals in different ways. Each and every person you meet, meets a different version of you. Finally you are a bunch of different faces. This doesn’t imply that we intentionally act differently, but we just have different levels of exposure with each individual.

Eventually, we become close with some and distant from others. We understand them by how they act on different situations we come across and by their attitudes or thoughts. And if their actions, words or views are favorable, we step by step understand each other.

We care about those who are close to us, but we can never really know a single individual completely. And sometimes, when they reveal their true selves, we refer it as a ‘change’, but maybe we were just blinded throughout. However, life is a long run, and everyone who shows up won’t be at the end of it, ’cause it’s your life and what matters is how strong you appear at the end.



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