TV shows!

Well, this is a different post from all the ones I’ve written. Well, I’m a TV show lover and watching them is one of my hobbies, so this is my shot at listing my favorites. And maybe if you love TV shows too, hope this will be a good exposure.

  1.  Friends – This is the ALL-TIME FAVORITE of every tv series lover. An American tv show, from 1994-2004, which covers comedy and romance. And you never get bored watching it over and over again!!!
  2. Suits – This is an American legal drama tv series. I love the elegant and smart flow of the series throughout. It’s a lawyer story and well, you’ll just want to be a lawyer one day, once you watch it!
  3. Grimm – This is an American police system fictional tv series. And this is something that relates to those childhood stories and fairy tales. You feel like like living with monsters!
  4. Merlin – A British fantasy adventure tv show. This is a story of King Arthur, which you all probably know. And this is my favorite from those Medieval-kind shows.
  5. White Collar – An American criminal investigation-type tv show. From my younger days itself always preferred detective stories. So this covers a story of a detective and a criminal working together in solving cases. It’s interesting.

However that’s my top 5 with small details. Actually I decided to write about my top 5 only, but choosing the best ones is too difficult as various tv shows are best at different genre. So this post will be my top 10, but I will be only naming the last 5. Here it goes,

6. Game of thrones

7. Quantico

8. Prison break

9. The last ship

10. Teen Wolf

So, dear readers/ tv-show lovers, I hope this post was a success and please drop your comments or maybe even list your favorites, for me to check out!



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  1. joseyphina says:

    Like your list. I’d replace teen wolf with 24 though. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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