Women ~ Men

Well, today I came across a piece of writing in a book about communication between men and women. It is very much related to many people that I come across in daily life including myself. Personally, I have a quite number of such encounters, which is not much, but I’m sure this will be related to you as well.

Men and women react differently to problem that cause stress. A man’s reaction is to withdraw within himself. He doesn’t naturally confide but likes to examine the problem for himself, trying to resolve it in his mind, or ignore it in the hope that it might ‘go away’. 

The worst thing a woman can do when a man has a problem and ‘goes silent’ is try and probe and get the man to confide. This will only prompt him to withdraw even further. So when he falls silent leave him alone. Let him solve it himself, and once he’s emerged from his cave simply smile, and listen whilst he tells you what was bothering him.

When women have a problem they like to discuss it, often confiding in close friends or their partner. How can men help women when they have a problem? When women want to confide be there to listen and encourage and give them full attention.

I hope this gave some insight to each other’s views.


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