Perks of being a teenager

Spending my last year as a teen, made me reflect back on my teenage life.

Was it a success? No, but it wasn’t a failure either. I’m pretty sure many of the teenagers will agree on that. As the saying goes, our failures are the stepping stones to our success.

As I’ve heard these couple of years are the best years in one’s life. Anyway there’s nothing comparable to school life, those days when we wake up early morning miserable, go to school, learn subjects, and above all, the all-kinds-of-fun. Those were the good old days!

With that came the youthful romance or simply crushes. Luckily I’ve got no heartbreaks or any such stuff to regret over. However, being single in my teen life,was my happiest choice.

We all face different situations in our teen life, and we learn to understand our flaws through them We change our views and manners by what we learn, so we are constantly in a process of rebuilding ourselves. Being a teenager is not easy, in a world filled with competition, jealousy and open media. Yet, it’s our own fight? And the end it’s still me, myself and I .

We never stop learning and we will never end trying to figure out ourselves till the end of our good days!


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