I never thought that life would separate you from me. I always had this vision of you and I for eternity. I imagined a million days with you, but I completely forgot to realize how painful it would feel a second without you. Perhaps it’s part of this journey of ours. To cross paths and simply walk the opposite direction. I’ll remember the little details in our conversations and the hints of love that melted my heart. But the thing I’ll remember the most is the purity of your soul that was felt lifetimes ago before serendipity took place. I’m not able to turn back the hand of time or rewind to that very moment where our souls found each other, but if I could make several wished, it would be for the unknown to give  you one chance for you to feel my soul in every way possible. For my love to pour into your heart ad give it a new life and hopefully you’ll understand that dreams do come true.

~Carlos Medina~


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  1. colourfullifenotes says:

    This is amazing. Having recently gone through a break-up I couldn’t find better words to describe my feelings. However I realized life goes on and things like this are normal. Don’t be dependent on love. Focus on your life and when you feel happy, love will come as a result. 🙂

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