Maybe oneday she’ll finally let it out, maybe then she’ll speak of everything that hurt her, maybe all those tears did have meaning for her, no matter how simple it was, but maybe that day will be too late.


I see the smiles on their faces, the laughters that fill up the space, I feel myself following their rhythm, blending in, my new style of life. And then there’s him, smiling, lost in his own thoughts of her.


She lived an outgoing life, in her own style, she hardly gave any regard to what they say, atleast she thought so. But hurt by words and actions of those close, she’s silent, her daring attitude hidden. At the most needed moments, she finds no words, she’s empty. She’s still a stranger to herself.


There’s an art of shutting off the whole world, and sinking in your own infinite mind experiencing all that matters in your life, the love, happiness, hurt, sorrow. A thousand emotions, that rips you apart. And oh boy, aren’t I the master of that art?


All along her life, she’s been saving it all, not a single glance of hers could be stolen by all those who fancied her. Yet, her guards came crumbling down, at the warmth of a soul, so beautiful and deep. She gifted all that she saved, piece by piece to this stranger whom she couldn’t…


The silence spoke volumes. I felt that innocent longing, while his gaze was fixed on me, His gaze momentrily flickered to my lips, He is unaware of that little smile that forms in his lips as he watches mine, His eyes back on mine, that irresistible gaze took over me, He watched me intently, as…


I’m falling for those eyes, stranger eyes. Will they always see how my eyes light up when they meet mine? I’m falling for that smile, stranger smile. Will that smile always make my day in better and worse? I’m falling for that heart, stranger heart. Will that heart always carry the one true love through a…


Countless number of lives that I’ve once known and touched, yet now I’m just a fading trace. Everything changes, but the only wish is hoping all those little values I added to those souls, remain untainted. The beauty and the tragedy of change is we will never be who we were once. For better or…